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Lowe & Oliver are specialists when it comes to fitting, upgrading, and installing Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting in all types of buildings. Rather than rely on a filament or gas, our LED installations use a cluster of low-voltage, enclosed semiconductors to safely generate intense light from an electrical current.


Should I Upgrade to LED Lighting?

LED lighting is a popular choice for fitting and renovating laboratories, museums, public buildings, and galleries. In both new builds and historic properties, LED lighting installations are increasingly replacing traditional lightbulb arrays, halogen bulbs, and fluorescent beams. Why is this so?


Sheer Brightness

Compared to traditional bulbs, LED lighting gives you almost ten times more light per unit for the same amount of electricity. A 40-watt LED will emit up to 4000 lumens for the same cost as running a 450 lumens filament bulb.


Excellent Lifespan and Resilience

LED arrays take much longer to wear out than other commercially available electric light sources. They're excellent for low-maintenance, high-use public spaces that require vast amounts of lighting runtime.

LED lights are rated to run for 35,000-50,000 hours without failing, fading, or dimming. Even if left running constantly from installation, an LED would take (on average) 5-10 years to completely degrade. Fluorescent, halogen, and filament bulbs simply can't compete, with traditional bulbs expected to fail after just 2000 hours of runtime.

Due to its enclosed nature, LED lighting is also extremely durable. It's able to resist hot and cold temperatures, bad weather, and high-pressure environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial and outdoor lighting.


Better Fire Safety Measures

LED installations produce a very faint, negligible amount of ambient heat. Compared to the intense warmth generated by older technology such as industrial halogen bulbs, what little heat is generated by the electric flow of an LED is absorbed by a dedicated heat sink in the unit. Self-containment makes LED lighting a much better choice for use in fabric rich, wooden, and delicate environments with high-value, irreplaceable objects on display.



LED lighting comes in a wide range of colours, shapes, and adaptable strips to fit any interior or exterior. LED installations can also be set up to dynamically change colour. Phosphate coating, control chips, and RGB clusters mean that the colour and intensity of an individual light can easily be shifted without the need to manually change gels or filters.



You don't need to wait for LED lights to warm up. Their low power consumption means that LEDs start emitting light from the moment you flip the switch. If you need truly rapid feedback, LED lights are your best option.


LED Lighting with Lowe & Oliver

If LED lighting sounds like the right choice for you, why not call or email Lowe and Oliver today? We operate throughout the country from our bases in Oxford and Southampton. Lighting for heritage and listing buildings is our speciality.

You can download our [free guide] below to find out more about our LED lighting upgrades and the advantages they can bring.


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