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Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is the most cost-effective way of reducing long-term repair costs and extending the life of your building’s electrical and mechanical appliances and infrastructure. We offer full-service maintenance plans for all installations, at comprehensive rates to suit your requirements.

As well as offering warranties and customer support services for our own installations, we carry out repairs and maintenance on existing building services, at a competitive rate.


Why Choose A Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract?

Once a system or appliance is installed, many users elect not to implement the PPM regime in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction, instead allowing the system to function until such time as they detect a fault. As a system progresses through its life-cycle, the number of faults tends to increase disproportionately, necessitating a growing outlay on repairs and a frustrating level of downtime.

When maintained regularly, our maintenance engineers can detect many system faults at an early stage before they become major issues. Often the causes of common faults are as simple as failing to change filters at the correct interval, or the failure of a minor component. Through regular servicing, your installation can be kept in full working order, with parts replaced as necessary and efficiency tests run on a regular basis. 

This reduces the number of critical faults and saves you money on repair bills over the life-cycle of your installation – a sum that more than makes up for the regular maintenance fee.

PPM can also optimise the efficiency of your installation, reducing power consumption and improving output, while saving you on energy costs.


Emergency Repair Service

Our maintenance team operate a fast and efficient out of hours call out support to meet our customers’ emergencies needs for electrical, mechanical and plumbing services. Our engineers and fully trained and equipped to respond 24 hours a day to deal with urgent repairs. Each engineer keeps a wide range of components in their van, so faults can often be resolved on the first visit. 


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Electrical and mechanical networks require frequent maintenance to sustain their efficiency and reduce the risk of malfunctions. For a competitive quote on scheduled maintenance on any type of building or facility, please contract either our Oxford office by calling 01865 322200, or Southampton office 02380 614700. You can also use our contact form to send us a message.

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