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Do you run a commercial-scale heating system of any kind in your building? Does it include boilers, ducts, pipes, electrical or gas heaters, or any other heavy-duty, commercial heating equipment?

If so, you should schedule annual preventative maintenance with Lowe and Oliver to keep your heating system safe and efficient. Regular checks and repairs help to keep your heating system in working condition for longer. Scheduled maintenance also helps to cut running costs by making your heating more fuel-efficient and less prone to unexpected breakdowns.


What Does Commercial Heating Maintenance from Lowe & Oliver Involve?

At Lowe & Oliver, we offer yearly and on-demand heating inspections, alongside a dedicated emergency repair service for boilers, heating engines, and pipes.

We'll check, clean, and replace any part of your heating network that needs to be restored or upgraded. Lowe and Oliver also offer commercial boiler maintenance and inspection services to complement all building-wide checks.

Our fully qualified engineers work with heat exchangers, combi boilers, hot and cold water systems, renewable heaters, combined heat and power systems, and electric water heaters. We're available throughout the South of England, with a special focus on Oxfordshire, Hampshire, and Gloucestershire, as well as the Greater London area.


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