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Energy Storage Solutions from Lowe and Oliver

At Lowe and Oliver, we can help you achieve more cost-efficient and sustainable use of energy by installing, maintaining, and servicing energy storage systems customised to the needs of your premises.

What is an energy storage system?

With concerns rising about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, renewable energy systems are in high demand among businesses, public bodies, and educational institutions. By installing an energy storage system on your premises, you can capture electricity or heat when it is most readily available and store it until it is required later, saving you money on direct fuel use.

There are three types of energy storage systems:
1. Electric batteries
2. Heat batteries
3. Thermal stores

Electric Batteries

Electric batteries are suited to public and commercial settings, utilising renewable electricity generated from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric systems. Energy can be stored during the day for a variety of uses, from powering a kettle or operating a computer, to charging an electric vehicle or running a heat pump.

Heat batteries

Heat batteries retain surplus heat or electricity which is generated by renewable energy sources. The heat can be stored in Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that change from a solid to a liquid; spare electricity or heat charges the PCM in the heat battery until it is needed, at which point the PCM reverts to a solid and releases heat. This heat can be used to supply hot water.

Thermal stores

Thermal stores are insulated water tanks that can retain heat in the form of hot water for several hours. They are used for several purposes, such as to supply hot water (in the same way as a hot water cylinder); to store heat from a wood-fuelled boiler or solar thermal system; to house an immersion heater that is powered by solar photovoltaic panels; or to deliver a buffer function for a heat pump.

Thermal stores range in capacity from 250 litres to more than 500 litres.

What are the benefits of an energy storage system?

 Strategic energy storage delivers much-needed cost savings by reducing demand during peak operating times, resulting in noticeably lower bills for high-usage premises.
 A seamless transfer to backup energy in the event of a disruptive power supply failure.
 Load shifting reduces energy expenditure by storing and discharging energy in the most cost- effective way.
 Controls demand by drawing on backup power to address energy surges, thereby mitigating higher costs.
 Maximises the availability of renewable energy through efficient off-peak storage.  Provides an environmentally friendly alternative to full mains power dependence

 Provides an environmentally friendly alternative to full mains power dependence.

Working with Lowe & Oliver

Whether you operate in the public, commercial or industrial sector, the efficient harvesting and use of energy is crucial to protect you against rising bills and reduce demand on energy use.
With experience of managing large-scale electrical and mechanical engineering projects for customers in a range of sectors across the UK, we can help you achieve your project outcomes on time and within budget.

Our engineers will work in partnership with you to design an energy storage system that meets your needs in the most cost-efficient and practical way, giving you a healthy return on your investment for years to come. All our work is completed to ISO 9001 standard, so you can be reassured that, by choosing Lowe and Oliver, your installation will be completed to the highest quality.

If you would like to find out more about your energy storage options, please contact us today on 01865 922012 or send us a message via our online form.

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