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What are Heat Pumps and How Do They Work?

Heat pumps are essentially environmentally friendly devices that use solar energy to transfer heat from one place to another. Where heat pumps extract the solar energy depends on the solar source that is carrying the energy. For example, a solar source could be soil in the ground, air or water, as these sources absorb solar energy from direct sunlight during the day. As opposed to boiler systems, heaters do not burn fuel to generate heat and they have the ability to either warm up or cool down your home.

After the pumps gather solar energy from the above sources, heat pumps then use this to generate small amounts of electric energy to either move heat from one location to the other or to cool down areas too. Using small amounts of electricity to produce large amounts of heat energy, makes heat pumps highly energy-efficient and great for our environment. These pumps can be used to heat up radiators, hot water, swimming pools, or even the underfloor, making them the perfect low maintenance systems that can satisfy all heating and hot water demands.

Below outlines the two different types of Heat Pumps we can provide you with at Lowe & Oliver.


Ground Source Heat pumps

As the earth absorbs energy released from the sun, this means heat can get stored underground within the soil or in bodies of water outside. Therefore, ground source heat pumps work by simply gathering this solar energy by using a range of components such as pipes, an underground heat exchanger, and the distribution system, to transform this energy into heat.

At Lowe & Oliver our IVT Ground Source Heat Pumps are capable of delivering hot water requirements, meaning you can completely replace your boiler with these to achieve your desired temperature in your home.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Instead of extracting heat from the ground, air-source heat pumps generate thermal energy from the outside air and work in reverse to your refrigerator. The pumps absorb heat from the air to then turn this into a fluid that gets compressed and transferred into higher temperature heat for housing or water circuits. This low-carbon technology converts warmth from the air into electricity, which is then used to warm up or cool down your home.

Air source heat pumps work great for those who do not have a lot of ground space for ground source heat pumps, but still want their water and/or rooms heated sustainably. Our IVT AirX air source heat pump is one of the first air source heat pumps to have speed control, meaning the low-power compressor automatically adjusts heat production for your home’s heating demand.


Benefits of Heat Pumps

● Lowers your carbon footprint and reduces carbon emissions
● Running costs are lower than other heating systems
● Consistent and reliable heating
● Can be used to cool temperatures
● Simple installation process
● Can be used for heating rooms or heating water


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