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At Lowe and Oliver, we offer flexible maintenance programmes for all makes of commercial boilers, including bespoke boilers and multiple-boiler systems. If you run a water boiler of any size in a commercial, public, or industrial building, you should seek to have it checked and repaired at least once a year. Commercial boilers are complex machines that can degrade or break down if allowed to rust, corrode, or decay.

If you're running a gas-powered system, you could also run the risk of a catastrophic fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide leak, if the sealed piping or boiler cladding is breached due to wear. It's important to make sure your commercial boiler stays safe and legal to operate.

A professional boiler test is a straightforward operation that checks all working components in the boiler for malfunctions, breaks, or clogs. It may involve tank and pipe cleaning, rewiring, or part replacement if any part of the machine is found to be faulty or sub-par. It also validates you to run the boiler legally until the next scheduled check.

Here's why you should make sure that your commercial boiler is regularly serviced by us.


Health and Safety

First and foremost, it's important to make sure that your boiler can run without the risk of causing injury or death. Our Gas Safe qualified engineers will perform comprehensive checks on all parts, to make sure that your commercial boiler still meets the legally required standards. Electrical boilers can develop dangerous wiring faults, too – don't neglect them.

If you have any immediate concerns about your boiler's safe performance, don't wait for a scheduled check. Risks such as carbon monoxide leaks can be very difficult to detect and mitigate until it's too late. Shut down the system, evacuate the area, and contact us as soon as possible.

Warranty Validation

Did you know that servicing your boiler regularly could keep it under warranty for longer? A regular check-up could save you money long-term if the entire boiler fails and needs replacement. Check with your boiler's manufacturer for further details.


General Efficiency

A service, part check, and clean to get a commercial boiler back up to optimum specifications can improve performance speed and energy consumption. This helps to keep your building running smoothly and saves money on your gas and electricity bills. It also helps to slow the decay of the commercial boiler, extending its estimated lifespan.


Commercial Boiler Servicing with Lowe & Oliver

As well as commercial boiler planning and installations, Lowe & Oliver offer a comprehensive, expertly-staffed maintenance programme for all types of heating systems, both gas and electric. Our engineers are qualified to assess, mend, and protect your boilers to the most stringent levels of safety and efficiency.

We work out of Oxford and Southampton to provide boiler maintenance (and other electrical installation services) across the south of England, particularly in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Gloucestershire. We also offer boiler repairs and upgrades, should you need them. Feel free to call or email us today for more information.


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