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At Lowe & Oliver we provide bespoke air conditioning systems for a wide range of large commercial, public, commercial and heritage projects. Installed as part of a wider heating, ventilation, and air conditioning network, or as a standalone cooling unit, air conditioning uses a high-capacity heat displacement engine attached to the side of the building to filter and pump in outside air. 

The constant flow of fresh air provides ventilation and keeps the inside temperature within a comfortable (18-25°C) range. A feedback loop can also be installed to pump out 'stale' or humid air. Air conditioning is a great boon to building users during the summer months and can boost the shelf-life of any product or museum display. 

What could air conditioning from Lowe and Oliver offer to you?


Temperature Management

The biggest advantage of air conditioning is its ability to mitigate heat during uncomfortably warm weather – or in buildings with large numbers of heat-emitting computers, machines and lighting arrays. Keeping your employees, customers, and visitors in a balanced environment helps to reduce the risk of illness, dehydration, and heatstroke, as well as boosting their wellbeing.


Reduced Humidity

In humid indoor environments, ambient moisture causes perishable and dry items (such as paper) to decay faster. Humidity also boosts perceived heat levels amongst the building's users. Filtering out any excess moisture keeps building occupants happy and healthy.


Better Filtration

Air conditioning can also be used to purify the air, cycling out dust, pollen, and carbon particles. Detritus is collected by reusable mesh filters housed inside the air intake. This helps improve air quality further still, preserving items inside the building, limiting mould and mildew infestations, and cutting the risk of allergic reactions. Asthma attacks are greatly reduced in buildings equipped with an air conditioner.


Design and Installation 

If you're looking to install air conditioning in a large commercial, residential, industrial, educational or public building in Oxfordshire, Hampshire, or Gloucestershire, call or email Lowe & Oliver for a free consultation. 

We're an established electrical contractor, specialising in designing and installing mass heating and cooling systems for large-scale properties, particularly in the scientific, heritage, and public service sectors.


Maintenance and Repairs

If your current air conditioning system is broken, ailing, or requires an upgrade, we can handle it. Dedicated planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules and repairs for air conditioning systems can always be booked in with us, whatever your needs. We work with all the major air conditioning manufacturers, and our team are kept fully up to date with their accreditations and training. 

Please email info@loweoliver.co.uk or call 01865 322200 (Oxford), or 02380 614700 (Southampton) to discuss your requirements.


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