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At Lowe & Oliver we understand the importance of a highly skilled workforce and offer electrical and mechanical trade apprenticeships in the Oxford and Southampton areas. Our apprentices complete a four year programme of both theory and practical work gained by working alongside our qualified engineers and with JTL Training Officers, the largest registered training provider for building services apprenticeships.

Applicants will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical and mechanical services, both inside and outside buildings and structures. Our works comprise of listed buildings, high end residential buildings, historic buildings, local authority (schools, law enforcement properties, offices, hospitals and many more.

An electrician's/mechanical engineer’s job will be varied owing to the wide and diverse nature of our client base.

All electricians/mechanical engineers will have a broad range of technical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to carry out their work safely and correctly.

Some of the duties that an electrician or mechanical engineer will be expected to carry out include:

  • Install, maintain and repair electrical/mechanical services, both in and outside of buildings.
  • Work indoors and outdoors and be prepared to work at height.
  • Be prepared to travel away from home.
  • Develop good working relationships with all relevant people.
  • Read both building and engineering drawings.
  • Understand wiring, circuit diagrams and schematic drawings.
  • Select (within limits) materials and equipment.
  • Inspect, test and commission electrical and mechanical installations.
  • Diagnose and rectify faults on a range of circuits and equipment.

Please note:

  • Oxford Office – Electrical and Mechanical apprenticeships.
  • Eastleigh Office – Electrical and Mechanical apprenticeships.

To apply for an apprenticeship with Lowe & Oliver you should complete the application form which will require a CV, please follow this link.


Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry