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Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

Key Facts

Client: The Duke of Marlborough

Consultant: Ridge

Architect: Ridge

Main contractor: Lowe & Oliver

Value: £1.3 million

Start date: January 1997

Completion date: Ongoing

Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and one of the country’s most beautiful country houses, is renowned as a national and global tourist attraction. Lowe & Oliver was therefore extremely honoured to be one of the companies to be approached to work on this prestigious project.

A total electrical refurbishment of the Palace is underway, split into a number of phases, due to the size and scope of the project. Begun in 1997, the project is still continuing. Lowe & Oliver has been involved from the outset, carrying out 12 phases, with further works still in the planning stages.

Due to the precious nature of the building and the fact that Blenheim Palace is open to the public for 11 months of the year, careful consideration has to be given to the logistics of the work, when and how much of the refurbishment can be carried out at any one time.

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